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At FlexCard LLC, we help companies administer meaningful benefits that support the personal and professional well-being of their company.

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Through creative Employee Benefits solutions custom-designed for your company, FlexCard will enable you to save money, simplify your Employee Benefits programs, and provide employees with enhanced, flexible benefits that also save them money. As most FlexCard plans entail pre-tax contributions, they reduce your company’s payroll tax expenses – often to the point of paying for themselves. Your employees save money three ways – on their personal taxes each pay period, on out-of-pocket expenses and through lower taxes at year end. 

Our administrative support and superior customer service ease demand on your HR department. We handle all education and enrollment and deliver superior customer service. FlexCard programs are customized to fully enhance benefits for your employees, considering their preferences and needs. This creates loyalty and strengthens your recruitment and retention efforts. Your employees enjoy customized debit cards for covered expenses and access to an online portal, mobile app, and in-house customer service hotline, making managing their benefits easy.

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