Cell Phone Benefits

Cell phone reimbursement allows you to compensate your employees when they use their personal cell phone for business use, such as being available at all times for work-related emergencies or to communicate with clients when outside the office. Most are non-taxable.

While there is no federal law requiring companies to reimburse employees for work-related cell phone use, nine states and the District of Columbia have such requirements. In addition, many employers recognize that cell phone reimbursements are appreciated by employees, providing an additional recruitment and retention tool.

Cell phone expenses covered in typical reimbursement plans include making work calls, checking emails, posting updates, attending meetings virtually, being on call for emergencies, or use of a work-only phone.

  • Clear use definition of reimbursable expenses
  • Access to employees
  • Client satisfaction
  • Flexible carrier choice
  • Non-taxable benefit
  • Employee appreciation