Commuter Benefits  Parking & Transit

Commuter benefit plans allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to cover expenses of commuting.

Employees have multiple plan options to cover transit and/or parking. As contributions are pre-tax, these plans offer employees significant savings on the cost of getting to work.

Employees may enroll in a Mass Transit or Parking plan, or both, providing greater flexibility. They may contribute up to $280 per month, per plan. Pre-tax contributions allow them to reduce their personal taxes while also reducing the company’s payroll tax expenses. Employees must be W-2.

Employees pay for transportation expenses using their branded, one-swipe debit card and any unused funds roll over into the next year. They can monitor their plan balance through their FlexCard portal and may terminate the plan or plans at any time if their transit conditions change.

  • Bus, ferry, train, subway and vanpool*
  • Parking
  • uberPOOL, Lyft Line and Via*
  • One- or two-plan option
  • Funds rollover
  • Mobile app and digital wallet

*Six or more passengers in qualifying metro areas