Health Reimbursements Accounts (HRAs)

Whether funded by the employer or employee, HRAs provide tax-free reimbursement to employees for a variety of out-of-pocket medical expenses as defined by you, the employer.

You are able to offer multiple plans to different groups of employees and you retain any unused funds. Employers define the yearly contribution and which expenses are eligible for reimbursement, subject to change at renewal. Contributions are pre-tax, further reducing your payroll tax expenses. There are a variety of HRA options, including Limited-Purpose HRA, Excepted Benefit HRA, Individual Coverage HRA and Qualified Small Employer HRA. Our creative solutions enable us to custom-design the right combination that best serves you and your employees.

Employees enjoy reimbursement for expenses, such as medical, dental, vision, and many others, as well as prescription discounts. Reimbursements are tax-free. As with HSAs, HRA funds are deposited onto a branded, one-swipe debit card for ease of use by the employee. Employees must be W2 and offered major medical.

  • Annual plan designation
  • Fixed cap on reimbursements
  • Employer retention of funds
  • Reduced payroll tax expenses
  • Wide range of covered expenses
  • Exclusive pharmacy discounts
  • Customized cards and portal
  • Mobile app and digital wallet